More Power To Your Roof


Braas Roofing Systems appear as the right choice especialy for end users in the long run for its healthy, functional and aesthetic roofs with high energy efficiency and long useful life. Besides hundreds of detail solutions, it appeals to all modern and traditional designs with the new-generation Braas Roof Tile.

Braas Roof Tiles are offered with many options in different colors and patterns. Produced with state-of-art technologies like NOVO Protector surface coating technology (for some models) and Orange Peel (only for Diva Series), Braas Roof Tile always look newer than the ones at the same age and has high resistance to high color strength and environmental impacts. Thus, you may notice a “Braas” roof even from long distances.

By preferring Braas Roof Tile with a 30-year warranty of product features against water and frost hazards, you feel secure thanks to the long time experience of Braas operating under varios climatic conditions in more than 30 countries in the world.