More Power To Your Roof

About Us

Braas Roofing Systems is the trade mark of Monier Yapı Çözümleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş., a part of Braas Monier Group engaged in the production and sales of roofing systems in Turkey. Gebze facility of Braas Roofing Systems, the first investment of Braas Monier Group in Turkey, was established on an area of 36.000 m². Accepted as one of most technological roof tile factories of the world, the facility has a capacity of 1,500,000 m² / year and equipped with fully automatic computer systems. In the facility, production is carried out at high standards and products are fully automatically produced, packaged and stored.

We, as Braas Roofing Systems, perceive roofing as a whole and believe that there should be optimum harmony among all main and detail parts covering the roof. We think that a roof may have optimum functionality only with an integrated system. That is why roof tile and detail parts have become a permanent subject of research and development for us. Besides functional features like water tightness in model designs, modular locking system, durability, speed in assembly, we known that it is also required to have different visual dimensions by improving aesthetics.

Modular Roofing System, consisting of 14 main product groups and tens of products, perfectly fulfills roofing, energy efficiency, protection, waterproofing, insulation, chimney, rain water guttering, ventilation, lighting, work safety, aesthetics and durability functions of the roof as a whole.

Following are some of the new products and solution we offer with our pioneering and innovative identity:

  • The concept of “Roofing Systems” and hundreds of compatible detail solutions,
  • 30-YEAR warranty of product features for roof tiles
  • Different color, surface, profile and pattern alternatives for all modern and classical designs,
  • Exclusive solution for all needs of a roof,
  • Solar-powered roofing systems totally integrated with the roof.